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Our story

Premium Honey from the Family Farm

The Taranaki farm has passed down through the generations, located in a small placed called Tangarakau.
It’s an isolated patch of paradise, located six kilometres off the Forgotten World Highway.
The name Forgotten World says it all really, we’re off the beaten track, surrounded by forest that is truly a beautiful wilderness - we like it that way!

Our head beekeeper Simon Faull views this work as great craft. He considers every step from selecting the best Queen Bee, sites for the bees & hives, collecting the honey, grading and packing in to our branded jars.
Simon and Sarah Faull live with their young family in the Forgotten World.
It’s a magical lifestyle. ‘It’s wonderful work,’ he says,  ‘peering into each hive, looking to see what care is needed, watching the bees at work.’
Simon sums up ‘There is so much to say about honey that is good, but in four words ‘Honey is nature’s gift!’.
Creating ‘world class’ Mānuka honey is a labour of love.

The extremely important bees

We have a deep and fascinating respect for our ‘bees’. Without them, we would have no honey! They work hard, disciplined team work always for the well being of the hive.
Bees have been with us forever, it must stay that way.

Our partners

We are fortunate to work in a great community of farmers, retailers, food service, key in-market partners, logistics – all working with us to deliver the best quality honey to our valued customers (that’s you!).

The Forgotten World

It is true, there really is a place called the Forgotten World. And there is a road named the Forgotten Highway.
Our visitors take their time, they seek us out, enjoying the turns and character of the road from Stratford, Taranaki, to Taumarunui in the King Country.
This unique area is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems; an untouched landscape that belongs to nature.
Journey deep into the North Island’s hinterland where rugged greenery covers hilly landscapes, birds sing to each other, and bees happily harvest their nectar from our most magical plant: the Mānuka bush.
Our business coexists with the bees in this piece of paradise. This is ‘our’ land!


As we grow, we will keep updating where you can buy our honey.

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