Inside each jar of Pouatu Mānuka’s honey is a taste of wilderness. Mānuka honey is nature’s best tasting medicine and is a gift from the bees. Each precious drop of amber liquid is filled with goodness and has been carefully and sustainably crafted. This honey comes from an remote, isolated pristine part of New Zealand; the Forgotten World. This untouched native bush is paradise. Filled with birdsong, flowering native trees and pure, clean air, it is a truly remarkable wilderness.

Our head beekeeper Simon Faull lives with his family in the Tangarakau Valley alongside the bees he cares for. A master craftsman,Simon carefully considers each step from the bee’s foraging to collecting and processing the honey.

‘It’s wonderful work,’ he says,  ‘peering into each hive, looking to see what care is needed, watching the bees at work.’

Creating world class mānuka honey is a labour of love for Simon. ‘This honey is nature’s gift.’

Simon carefully curates all details of the process: how to build the hives, where to source the healthiest queen bees, the best locations for the hives, and how often to visit the bees to best manage them. Every location and every hive requires a different balance. He believes that beekeeping is a two-way street and being in touch with nature helps. ‘I am always learning and full of respect for our small buzzy friends.’

With our master craftsman at the helm, we manage every step of the process, from land, to hive management and harvest. That means you can be assured of the premium quality of this beautiful mānuka honey.

The forgotten world

The Forgotten World is one of New Zealand’s hidden gems; an untouched landscape that still belongs to nature. Journey deep into the North Island’s hinterland where rugged greenery covers hilly landscapes, birds sing to each other, and bees happily harvest their nectar from our most magical plant: the Mānuka bush. Pouatu coexists with the bees in this piece of this paradise, this is their land.  Our premium New Zealand Mānuka honey is a taste of wilderness; complex, rich with wonder and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

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