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Mānuka Honey

The Honey

Mānuka honey is one of the world’s oldest natural remedies, a universal panacea to whatever ails you. It has been long known that Mānuka heals. Whether it’s to heal a wound, or a soothing spoonful in your favourite tea, in a mug of hot water, or simply a delicious spoon by itself – it’s always a delight! This honey is a gift from the bees and it comes from just one very special tree, the Mānuka Tree - only found in New Zealand.
Inside every jar is the taste of the New Zealand wilderness. A distinctly complex honey with a floral edge which is remarkably smooth, rich with wonder and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
The colour comes in gorgeous soft tones of amber and bronze.

The Magic of Mānuka

For centuries, Māori (the first people of New Zealand) recognised the power of the Mānuka tree. They used the bark, the oil and flowers for natural remedies.
Mānuka honey came later – now well advanced and scientifically proven for it’s unique antibacterial and healing properties.
The higher the concentration of Mānuka, the better healing quality of the honey.

UMF (unique mānuka factor)

We are a member of the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA).
The UMF mark is on the label on each jar. It states the quality, linked to specific tests from Government approved laboratories.
The UMF mark is the gold standard confirming the authenticity of our Mānuka honey.

UMF logo

Why choose our Pouatu Mānuka honey?

For the quality - it’s close to perfect!
For the special taste and flavor.
For its unique healing properties.
To know that each precious drop is carefully made.
To be assured that every jar is checked.
Our honey comes from beehives positioned in ruggedly beautiful land.
Our beekeepers work alongside our bees.
Our honey is more than a sweet treat -  it’s restorative, healing and a sustainable product.
All up it’s wonderful honey, a result of team work - with nature!
A happy labour of love!



Our Pouatu Forest honey is a beautifully flavoured, multifloral honey which is winning awards for its smoothness. (NZ Apiary Awards 2019)
Our bees fly into the native forest on our land in the Forgotten World.
These wonderful small creatures forage mainly in the Kamahi and the Rewarewa trees.

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